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[faqlite_tab title=”How do you protect client privacy and data ?”]
We follow up signing the NDA (NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT) with our client. You may write to the founder of Bioexplore only at “susantoroy@gmail.com” in Gmail confidential mood. Client privacy and data is assured in this way. You can share your project need with confidence.

[faqlite_tab title=”How project result is delivered on completion ?”]
Same as software output and manual report FORMATS. Also In & As, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Desktop Database, Website, Database formats: SQL, MySQL etc. T&C apply. [/faqlite_tab]

[faqlite_tab title=”How you get big data files for analysis ?”]
We use your FTP or links to download your files or you can use our FTP login/password to upload files in a highly secured setup if files are big.[/faqlite_tab]

[faqlite_tab title=”Do you offer refunds ?”]
If you are not completely satisfied with Bioexplore you can request a refund and we will give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

[faqlite_tab title=”Do you have access to the commercial tool ? “]
Yes. Only a few.[/faqlite_tab]

[faqlite_tab title=”I have more questions to ask.”]
Send an email to the Business Desk. We will get back to you immediately.